Advertisement bikes

Whether you want to renew your retail display, need marketing material for your company ceremony or a branded bike giveaway to create a hype around your brand, our customized bikes will help you achieve your goals.

Bikes for employees

With branded bikes designed to fit your corporate identity, you’ll have the perfect corporate gift. Celebrate your company’s milestones and reward your employees accordingly. Besides, they can be used as campus bikes or to commute between the office and train station.

Replacement/rental bikes

Customize our bikes to set you apart from the competition. Use the replacement/rental bikes to offer your (hotel)guests mobility. The branded bike will also serve as a business card for your company.

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The branded bikes will be fully customized to your corporate identity. This will create a subtle way of branding for your company.The best part is: your branded bikes do not disappear after one month, whereby advertisements are only there for a couple of weeks.


By giving your employees a company bike you as an employer promote the wellbeing and health of your employees. As an example, a cycling employee is on average 1,3 days less sick per year.

Corporate responsibility

By promoting bike usage the CO2 emissions from transportion can be drastically reduced. This will directly contribute to the green image of your company.


A study from the Harvard Business Review reveals that business gifts are the best way to encourage loyalty and motivation among employees. Business gifts are proven far more effective than a financial bonus culture. Therefore,
choose BrandBikes.

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Why BrandBikes?

One stop shop

BrandBikes works according the One Stop Shop principle where you put us in charge of arranging everything for you. Starting with the design, going to the production and then all the way to the delivery to your doorstep. Furthermore, our team is happy to help you with an implementation plan to integrate your bikes into your business.

Your ideal financing solution

You can buy, lease (minimum 100 bikes) or rent your BrandBikes. Renting can be interesting when you have a planned marketing campaign for a limited amount of time where you don’t want to possess the bikes. Needless to say, you can also buy the bikes for your application. Instead of buying the bikes, you could also choose to lease them to handover all the responsibilities to us. With the full operational lease contract the servicecontract is included.

Fully custom design

Your company bikes will be designed and produced to order. This will ensure that the style of your company bike suits your corporate identity. Our design team will work closely together with you to realize the perfect bike for your company. Besides, it’s possible to provide custom accessories for your specific application.

Operational servicecontract

By choosing a full operational leasing contract as a form of financing, the servicecontract is included. This also includes a bike insurance. All operational tasks will be performed by us so you don’t have to. Monthly just one invoice which includes everything you would ever need, and more.

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Step 1

Tell us about your ideas and how we can help you. We will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your ideas and after our call we will develop a digital mock-up for your customized company bike.

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Choose your design

Step 2

We will create a digital mock-up for your customized company bike. We will send our design proposal to you and you get the possibility to give feedback on our design proposal. We will make sure that you’re truly satisfied.

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Step 3

Receive your no obligation quote, place your order and we’ll start working on your bikes!

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